In 1 month time it will be boxing day.


But in 4 days time we can stop looking so daft!



So please, help us monetise our terrible faces whilst there’s still time and make the courageous efforts of Stew aka Adolf Chaplin and Craig ‘French Tickler Wheeler worth while… wheeler

So we’re 18 days in and then hirsute top-lippery is really coming to fruition  here at WDMP towers.

Most of us are through the difficult itchy stage and are now fully fledged moustache wielding mo-bros.

However, the really important bit is yet to come… the donation section! For all the hilarity the various (in)abilities of facial topiary bring to teh fore, the movember cause is a really great one so please dig deep and donate via our MoSpace page here…

Cheerscarlo Ed gav Stew

Our illustrious neighbours over at the Tate have quite the collection of Mo’s in their collection.

As they explain…”HandlebarsHorseshoes and Fu Manchus have enjoyed an enduring relationship with art through the centuries. All manner of moustaches feature in portraits in Tate’s collection, plus, two of the more flamboyant  facial furnishings, The Dali and The Van Dyck, take their cue from the respective moustached artists”

Here are a few of our favourites.

Alfred Stevens, 'William Blundell Spence' circa 1851

Ed’s is starting to look a bit like this one from

Alfred Stevens’

William Blundell Spence circa 1851
Oil on canvas
support: 613 x 508 mm
Presented by Alfred A. de Pass 1913

Michael Ayrton, 'Bearded Head' 1939

Gavin meanwhile is still sporting the full beard which has an air of Michael Ayrton’s

Bearded Head 1939
Intaglio print on paper

George Gower, 'Sir Thomas Kytson' 1573

Carlo and Stew could probably combine to deliver an effort at George Gower’s
Sir Thomas Kytson 1573
Oil on oak panel

William Strang, 'Self-Portrait' 1912

Going by his (slightly retouched) effort from earlier in the week, Tom could well be on his way to a William Strang
Self-Portrait 1912
Oil on canvas

attributed to John Scarlett Davis, 'Man in a Top Hat' circa 1838

Matt is still going strong with an effort potentially attributed to John Scarlett Davis
Man in a Top Hat circa 1838
Oil on canvas

Peter Peri, 'Mr Collins from the A.R.P.' 1940

Michael’s has a 3d air to it (in mo alone of curse, not in whole look and feel) in line with Peter Peri
Mr Collins from the A.R.P. 1940
Pigmented concrete

Sir Roland Penrose, 'Portrait' 1939

Not implying Gary’s is an abstract effort, we couldn’t miss off this glorious one from Sir Roland Penrose
Portrait 1939
Oil on canvas

All via

There’s been a bit of debate and hesitance at WDMP towers over whether certain individuals should embrace the mo as much as others. Luckily we’ve found this thorough infographic which should help resolve the confusion..


Flowchart: Should You Grow a Mustache


11 days in and the WDMP top lips are really coming to life now.


Fittingly for remembrance day there are at least a couple of top lips which would not look amiss aboard a WW2 flight deck or in bomber command.


carlo craig ed Toms mo

Some sexy top lips going on as Tom, Stew, Carlo, Matt and Liban/Mo Farah play by the rules and strip their lip to start the MOnth in style. Ed meanwhile has taken a different tack and stolen a head start…Tom day 1stew day 1matt 1Carlo's Mo picliban 1Ed 1



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